12-hour Advanced Course

`12 Hour Advanced Clinical Sexuality Training (Invitation Only)

$1,750 (Maximum of 6 attendees per training cycle)

Participants must complete Introductory Training before being considered for the advanced training

Format: Clinical Case Presentation and Discussion

  • Participants will present actual clinical cases involving aspects of clinical sexuality
  • Kimberly will facilitate discussion to reinforce content from the Introductory Course
  • Kimberly will provide therapeutic guidance, feedback, and suggestions
  • Trainees will select areas of personal interest to learn about on a deeper level
  • Kimberly will assist each trainee with personal and clinical development in the realm of clinical sexuality
  • Trainees will be encouraged to identify and process their own sexual biases

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Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex

Sex therapy never requires the removal of clothing or touching between therapist and client. Provocative subject material may be discussed; and intimate topics may be explored, but professional therapy never includes any sexual contact.

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