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Daily Mail – Pity the husbands of Los Angeles – Sex therapist claims city’s Hillary – supporting women have lost their libido over Trump victory

The Sun – Electile Disfunction: Women in LA ‘have lost their libido after Donald Trump won the US Presidential election’

Your Tango – Since Trump Won, My Female Clients Don’t Want To Have Sex Anymore

Heatstreet – Psychologist-to-the-Stars Warns that ‘Donald Trump Bedroom Backlash’ Is Widespread

Elite Daily – Sex Therapist Says Trump Win Has Caused Women To Lose Their Sex Drives

Uproxx: The Go Topless Movement And The Fight For Gender Equality – “The Little Pink Pill – Progress, Propaganda, or Profit?” – “7 Honest Reasons Viagra is Ruining Your Relationship (Yes, Really)” – “Why Falling In Love Clouds Our Judgment”

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Get Holistic Health – “Breastfeeding Man: Drinking Wife’s Breast Milk Helps His Erectile Dysfunction”

SummaFlourish – “Love Sometimes Hurts. Sex Shouldn’t”

Off The Beat – “Man Cures Erectile Dysfunction By Drinking Wife’s Breast Milk”

Mid-day – “Meet the Looners Who Substitute Balloons for Sex, Love, and Intimacy”

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Sex therapy never requires the removal of clothing or touching between therapist and client. Provocative subject material may be discussed; and intimate topics may be explored, but professional therapy never includes any sexual contact.

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