In this episode, Kimberly discusses how nature and evolution subconsciously shape our sexual attraction, mate selection and sexual expression. She discusses research that highlights the many health benefits of swallowing semen or having it deposited in the vagina, such as improved mood, increased pain threshold, better concentration and mental acuity, and pregnancy maintenance.

Kimberly explains how women must make evolutionary trade-offs. She introduces the concept of “Ovulatory Shift Hypothesis” (aka Good Genes Theory). This theory suggests that women (subconsciously) behave differently and value different male traits at different phases of their menstrual cycle. When women are not ovulating, they value stability and loyalty in a partner. When women are at peak fertility, they value promiscuity, dominance, facial scars, and aggression. While ovulating, women are more likely to fantasize about and flirt with other men. They are also much more likely to cheat.

Also in this episode, Kimberly highlights research that suggests that men can ‘See,’ ‘Hear’ and ‘Smell’ fertility in women in subtle ways that are completely subconscious. She describes a phenomenon called “Mateguarding,” where men unwittingly assert their dominance with increased jealousy, possessiveness, and suspicion. Kimberly suggests this may be nature’s way for men to decrease their risk of being cheated on.

She rounds out the episode by discussing a fetish called “Cuckolding.” Cuckolds are men who are aroused by watching their wives or girlfriends have sex with other men. Kimberly discusses the themes of humiliation and power associated with this fetish. Finally, she answers a listener’s question about the pros and cons of shaving or waxing pubic hair.

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