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What is an Intensive Couples Workshop?

Sometimes one hour of therapy per week does not allow couples to achieve the depth and momentum necessary to gain sufficient insight into their complex emotional and sexual dynamic. Intensive Workshops last anywhere from 12-20 hours over 2 or 3 days, depending on the unique needs and goals of the couple. Intensive Weekends offer both depth and momentum to help couples achieve their goals in an accelerated, highly supportive environment near natural settings such as beaches, mountains, and national parks.

The decision to commit an entire weekend to nurturing your relationship, in and of itself, is incredibly therapeutic. The message from one partner to the other is: “I value this relationship enough to take a break from the daily grind to give it the attention it deserves.” My style, based on the theories and practices developed by Terry Real (RLT), Pia Melody, Sue Johnson (EFT), and John Gottman coalesce to promote depth, insight, and healing.

Many couples report that they wish their weekly therapy session could continue after 50 minutes, because they are just getting “warmed up” when the session is winding down. After an Intensive Workshop, couples often say things like: “We had the luxury to take our time without rushing to pick the kids up from the sitter or finish that report for work. We had nothing to do but work on our relationship. We knew we would be in that office for two or three days and couldn’t avoid dealing with the tough stuff. And that was so powerful.”

Imagine what can happen during an entire day (or 2 or 3) devoted to better understanding your partners’ emotional and sexual needs; and expressing your own. With proper facilitation, years of resentment can melt away. The power of locking yourselves in a room to do the hard work that needs to be done—without distraction of kids, work, in-laws, well-meaning friends, etc. is extremely powerful.

After an Intensive Weekend, couples often say “I wish we had done this sooner; We accomplished more in 3 days than we did in three years of regular therapy!,” or “I thought divorce was inevitable, but now I think we will make it”, or “After 7 years in a sexless marriage, we had sex last night!”

Who Should Consider an Intensive Couples Workshop?

  • Couples with Childcare Issues on a weekly basis
  • High level professionals who can’t get away regularly during the week
  • Couples who live far from well trained sex therapists
  • Couples fighting to stay together after an affair
  • Couples who want to share a powerful emotional experience that weekly therapy just can’t provide
  • Couples who are considering divorce and want to un-turn every stone before calling it quits
  • Any couple who welcomes the opportunity to explore the role and meaning of sex in their relationship
  • Couples who need help dealing with major life transitions or making important decisions in a timely manner

How Does it Work?

Before a couple schedules an Intensive Workshop, they are screened to make sure that they are appropriate for the program. Kimberly Resnick Anderson speaks to both parties by phone to assess their goals, commitment level, and specific concerns. Once the couple is found to be good candidates, they will discuss their schedule and timeline with Kimberly. Usually, an Intensive Workshop can be scheduled within 4 weeks. Or, if the couple prefers, it can be scheduled a few months out.

What is Included with the Workshop?

Depending on which package is selected, the couple will receive either 12, 16, or 20 hours of Intensive Treatment. The packages also include multiple tests and inventories (with printed results and verbal feedback). Finally, the couple receives 1 hour of complementary after-care follow-up via web-based software (to be used within 3 months after completion of workshop).

What Does it Cost?

Prices vary by package. If you are interested, click here and send us an inquiry. Cost does not include airfare to Los Angeles or hotel accommodations during your stay. Kimberly Resnick Anderson has partnered with nearby hotels and restaurants for discounted rates during your stay in Los Angeles.

Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex

Sex therapy never requires the removal of clothing or touching between therapist and client. Provocative subject material may be discussed; and intimate topics may be explored, but professional therapy never includes any sexual contact.

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